Captain Mark's Guide To The Best Thai Restaurants In Phuket

Captain Mark’s Guide To The Best Thai Restaurants In Phuket

Best Thai Restaurants In Phuket - Captain Mark's Top 10

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and I can vouch for this, my wife is an amazing cook! I don’t think you can say you’ve properly visited somewhere unless you’ve tried the food. While you’re here in Phuket you can get food from every continent on earth but to really get a feel for the place, you should definitely try some authentic Thai food. Now I know not everyone is up for how spicy some Thai food can be but there’s plenty of dishes you can try without them knocking your socks off. There are some great dishes local to Phuket, like the crab curry, or dishes eaten across Thailand like spicy Tom Yum Goong, or the rich coconutty Green Curry. I’ve picked out some of my favourite authentic Thai restaurants here in Phuket for you to try out, let’s take a look.

Time To Discover Phuket's Top 10 Must-Try Thai Restaurants

1. Community Floating Restaurant

- An Authentic Thai Cuisine

WHERE: Bang Rong

OPENING HOURS: 10 am – 10 pm

CONTACT: 086 687 0892


One unique dining experience in Phuket is the Community Floating Restaurant, where visitors can enjoy fresh seafood while floating on the water. The restaurant is made up of a series of wooden platforms connected by bridges, creating a picturesque setting for a memorable meal. The menu features a wide range of seafood, including prawns, fish, crab, and lobster, all caught locally and cooked to order. With a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, the Community Floating Restaurant offers a true taste of traditional Thai cuisine and is a must-visit for any foodie or traveler exploring Phuket.

2. Phiang Phrai

- An Excellent Local Venue In A Green Nest Next To Bang Pae Waterfall

WHERE:  Soi Namtok, Near The Gibbon Rehab Centre


CONTACT: 088 768 1497


Phiang Phrai is a popular restaurant in Phuket, Thailand, known for its authentic Thai cuisine and relaxed atmosphere. Located in a beautiful building, diners can enjoy their meal among the tree tops, and listen to the calling of the nearby gibbons. The menu features a wide range of classic Thai dishes, including curries, stir-fries, and noodle dishes, as well as a variety of vegetarian options. With a focus on using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and traditional cooking methods, Phiang Phrai offers a true taste of Thai culture and cuisine. Its friendly and attentive staff make for a welcoming dining experience that is not to be missed when visiting Phuket.

3. Natural Restaurant (Thamachart Restaurant)

- A Long-time Favourite For Many Thai And Expats

WHERE:  Phuket Town

OPENING HOURS: Daily from 10.30am to 11.30pm

CONTACT+66 (0)76 214 037


Tamachart Restaurant in Phuket Town, also known as Natural Restaurant Phuket, is a unique and out-of-the-ordinary eatery that has been a popular spot among expats, locals, and visitors for many years. The word tamachart translates to “natural” in English, and it’s often referred to as such by locals. The restaurant is known for its unusual decor and Thai-Chinese cuisine.

4. Mom Tri’s Kitchen

- An Award-Winning Restaurant Set Just Above The Rocks

WHERE: Kata Noi

OPENING HOURS: Daily from 7am to 11pm

CONTACT: +66 (0)76 333 568


Mom Tri’s Kitchen at Villa Royale offers a unique blend of fine dining and traditional Thai cuisine. With an extensive wine cellar, the restaurant provides a refined atmosphere to enjoy expertly prepared dishes such as som tam (green papaya salad) with delicate flavours and textures. Their fish dishes are highly recommended and considered a must-try in Phuket.

5. One Chun Restaurant

- One Of The Best Thai Restaurants In Phuket Town

WHERE: Phuket Town

OPENING HOURS: Daily from 10am to 10pm

CONTACT: +66 (0)76 355 909


One Chun Café & Restaurant is a great option for those looking for authentic and affordable Thai cuisine, with a focus on southern dishes. The restaurant’s vintage decor and relaxed atmosphere make for a comfortable dining experience. The historical building where it is located, dating back to the early 20th century, is on Thepkasattri Road’s last section in Phuket Old Town. One Chun is highly regarded among locals and has a high level of daily occupancy, it is considered as one of the best Thai restaurants in Phuket. The most popular dish is the crab meat curry in coconut milk, which combines the sweetness of coconut with the slow-burning heat of curry and the freshness of crab meat, making it a winner dish.

6. Ka Jok See Restaraunt

- An Authentic Thai Cuisune In The Heart Of Phuket Town

WHERE: Phuket Town

OPENING HOURS: Tuesday–Saturday from 6.30pm to 2am (closed on Mondays)

CONTACT: +66 (0)76 217 903


Ka Jok See, known for its nightlife atmosphere, also serves well-prepared traditional Thai dishes in large portions meant for sharing. As one of the oldest establishments on the island, it offers dishes based on classic Thai recipes with a few modern twists. Keep in mind that reservations are recommended due to the restaurant’s popularity.

7. Raya Restaurant

- Phuket’s Most Famous Restaurant

WHERE: Phuket Town

OPENING HOURS: Daily from 10am to 10pm

CONTACT: +66 (0)76 218 155


Raya Restaurant is a perfect representation of Phuket’s Old Town charm with its Sino-Portuguese architecture. The restaurant is located in one of the restored shop-houses along Dibuk, Thalang and Phang Nga roads in the downtown area. Raya is highly recommended among Thai restaurants in Phuket and serves a variety of signature dishes such as crabmeat curry with rice vermicelli, caramelized and braised pork belly, spicy Phuket prawns, and deep-fried sea bass with shallots, red chilies, and a tamarind and lemongrass sauce.

8. Kan Eang Pier

- One Of The Oldest Restaurants in Phuket


OPENING HOURS: Daily from 10.30am to 11pm

CONTACT: +66 (0)83 173 1187


Kan Eang@Pier is known for its specialty in seafood, and many visitors come to experience the authentic flavors of the coconut-husk-fired grills. The menu is extensive and offers a variety of dishes that may be unfamiliar to some, but the experienced waitstaff can guide diners through their options. Popular items include fresh crab, squid in garlic, and a wide selection of shellfish to choose from.

9. Pan Yaah Restaraunt

- Set Above A Seaside Rock Overlooking Patong Bay

WHERE: Kalim Beach

OPENING HOURS: Tuesday–Sunday from 11am to 11pm (closed on Mondays)

CONTACT: +66 (0)76 618 248


Pan Yaah Restaurant boasts fantastic views of Patong Bay and the town, accompanied by delicious Thai food. Located in Kalim, about 1 km north of Patong, along the scenic beach road leading to Kamala Beach, it’s an excellent spot for intimate, romantic sunset and evening dining. Established for many years, the restaurant features a dark wood interior with a fan-cooled terrace overlooking the sea, set above large granite rocks. Diners can enjoy the sound of the surf breaking below, creating an impressive ambiance.

10. Blue Elephant

- Fine Dining Thai Restaurant In The Heart of Phuket

WHERE: Phuket Town

OPENING HOURS: Daily from 9 am to 10.30 pm

CONTACT: +66 (0)76 354 355


Blue Elephant is a restaurant that specializes in Royal Thai cuisine, which is a rich and exotic blend of flavors that was once created exclusively for the Royal Palace but has recently become popular due to the global spread of Thai cooking. The restaurant is located in a beautiful, old Chinese-colonial style mansion near the heart of Phuket Town’s old quarter.

11. Baan Rim Pa

- One Of The Most Famous Thai Restaurants In Phuket

WHERE: Kalim – Patong

OPENING HOURS: Daily from 12pm to 12am

CONTACT: +66 (0)93 584 5563


Baan Rim Pa is one of Phuket’s top dining experiences, offering Thai cuisine with elegance and style. The restaurant is housed in a teakwood building with a view of Patong Bay and features a fantastic wine selection and elegant waitstaff. Traditional dishes are served on crisp white tablecloths, making it a far cry from budget Thai eateries. The concept behind Baan Rim Pa is to provide a royal Thai dining experience in regal surroundings and its location by the sea further enhances the overall experience.

12. Kaab Gluay Restaraunt

- The Best Southern Thai Restaurant in Patong

OPENING HOURS: Daily from 11 am to 2 am
CONTACT: +66 (0)76 346 832

Kaab Gluay is a well-established restaurant in Patong, known for its modern, western appearance that may mislead some into thinking it’s not a local restaurant. However, the reasonably priced Thai cuisine is authentic and genuinely Thai, much more than many other “local-looking” restaurants in the area. The menu primarily focuses on seafood and offers dishes such as stir-fried crab with curry powder, whole sweet-and-sour fish, and steamed prawns with various sauces. Its local popularity creates a lively, food court-like atmosphere in the clean and modern dining room.

So there we are, some great restaurants where you can try the authentic flavours of Thailand. Thai people like their food very, very spicy. On the whole you can ask for little or no spice but there are a few dishes where the flavour and spices are all mixed up in the curry paste so they’re hard to make without them being very hot. If you don’t want spicy, be sure to tell the staff, they can tell you which dishes can be adapted. If you want to make sure, try asking in Thai! “Pet nid noi” means a little bit spicy or “mai pet” means no spice. They’ll understand the English but it’s nice to make the effort and you’ll get a smile. I’m really hungry now, how about you?

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