Phuket's Must-Visit Islands

Take a look at some of Phuket's must-visit places, must see islands and so much more.

Must Visit Places In Phuket

One of the most asked questions we get on a daily basis is “What Are The Must-Visit Places In Phuket?”. While there are so many amazing places one can visit, having a short period of time can really limit your options a lot. So we have consolidated the 3 types of must-visit islands in Phuket for you to consider during your planning stages. Some of which are available in our daily island trips while others will require a private charter option. If you are visiting Thailand for the first time, here are the 3 must-visit islands.

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Phi Phi Island Day Tour

One of the must-visit and most popular islands to visit when in Phuket. Where clear turquoise waters, white soft sandy beaches and breathtaking scenery await. Phi Phi consists of 6 different islands. 1. Phi Phi Don Island 2. Phi Phi Leh Island 3. Bamboo Island 4. Mosquito Island 5. Bida Nok & 6. Bida Nai Island. For those adventurous people, you may like rock climbing at Tonsai Bay, exploring the Viking Cave or enjoy swimming and snorkelling in Pileh Lagoon and/or at Bamboo Island. If you have some time we highly recommend hiking up to the iconic Phi Phi Viewpoint to see the jaw-dropping panoramic views.



Koh-Panyee - The Best Phang Nga Bay Boat Trip Phuket

Phang Nga Bay Day Trip

Phang Nga Bay is another destination you shouldn’t miss! Enjoy sea cave canoeing while exploring Phanak Island and its hidden turquoise lagoons. Discover one of James Bond 007: The Man with the Golden Gun’s filming locations at James Bond Island, and take photos of the majestic leaning rocks, Khao Phing Kan. Some of the must-see when exploring Phang Nga are the breathtaking 360° panoramic views at Koh Hong and the floating village at Koh Panyi. Phang Nga Bay is also home to the Bioluminescent Planktons. From dawn till dusk, Phang Nga Bay has a wide variety of fantastic experiences to explore.


Koh Hong Island Sea Cave Canoe Day Trip - Must Visit When In Phuket - Phuket Sail Tours - Phuket's Best Boat Trips Since 2004

Krabi Island Hopping

Krabi Island is a true paradise for island-hopping adventurers. Famous for its scenic views, secluded beaches and untouched islands. Its coral reef vistas are also one of the world’s most beautiful, which makes it great for coral diving. Witness fantastic limestone formations, especially the stalagmites and stalactites which can be found here. For those who are adventurous, don’t forget to experience rock climbing at Railay Beach, as it is regarded as one of the world’s amazing rock climbing spots. In general Krabi is famous for sea cave canoe trips, overnight stays and island hopping. 



While there are a lot of islands one can visit and explore, the best ones are usually the ones that aren’t packed with people. Visiting the hidden gems of Phuket away from the crowds, allows you to truly soak in the tranquillity of the island, enjoy the crystal clear oceans, and get lost in the natural wonders of Thailand. Here are the 3 uncrowded and hidden gems of Phuket you may want to visit if you have the time.


Enjoy the sensational sunset views of Phang Nga Bay with your own eyes. Phang Nga Bay is a must-visit destination because of its scenic backdrop. A sunset cruise in Phang Nga Bay is simply breathtaking as the rock formations are lit up with golden rays. And during the rainy seasons in Thailand, the twilight skies are just simply an unforgettable sighting. Witness the so-called “the sky is on fire” or the unearthly pink / purple colour skies.



A nighttime kayaking tour in Phang Nga Bay is both a rare and magical experience. Get a chance to witness the bioluminescent plankton an experience that will leave even the most well-travelled astonished. A rare and unique wonder you must take a chance on. 



A paradise for those who love to explore the underwater world, Similan Islands are regarded as one of the world’s best diving sites. Where a wealth of marine life, crystal clear turquoise waters, white soft sandy beaches, and dense tropical forests await you. Similan Islands are best enjoyed on a private boat charter from November to April. And if you’re lucky you may even witness dolphins leading your way. 

most beautiful islands near phuket

If you are in search of beautiful islands within an hour from Phuket, then here are some of the ones you can check out. Fantastic for those who are visiting Phuket for just a few days.

Racha Island

Koh Racha is made up of two islands, Racha Noi (Raya Noi) and Racha Yai (Raya Yai). Both of these are known for their spectacular diving spots in Phuket, and are voted to be the best-preserved aquatic ecosystem in Thailand. The best part is that you can reach Racha Islands within an hour if you take a speedboat from Chalong Pier in Phuket.

Koh Hae / Coral Island

Coral Island (locally known as Koh Hae) is one of the most visited islands from Phuket because of its close proximity. This island is fantastic for families with young kids looking for a nice beach to snorkel, spot some wildlife and explore the jungle with a little hike. To go to Coral Island you can hire a longtail boat from Rawai Beach and reach there within 30 minutes.


Koh Maithon is a small island located in the southeast of Phuket. Famous for its beautiful corals, crystal clear water and very relaxing ambiance. The island is accessible from Rawai Beach via a speedboat within just 15 minutes. Making it ideal for diving, swimming and snorkelling. 

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