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Our boats are the best way for families to enjoy an island day trip in Phuket!
1930s Style Sail Boat


MAX PEOPLE: 10 People

A beautiful 42-foot-long teak wood 1930s-style real sailboat, Kwahm Wung (Hope) is the pride of Phuket Sail Tours. We use Kwahm Wung for our Koh Phanak Sail Caves and Hongs Tour and our Sunset Sailing Dinner Cruise. Licensed for 16 passengers, we never take more than 10 guests on a join-in tour. There are cushions on the deck for our guests to sit on, a toilet below, and our cook prepares much of the food aboard. Often we motor to where we have to go, but whenever we have favourable winds, the sail goes up and we enjoy the relaxing ride that only sailing can give.

To get off and on the sailboat it is necessary to go up and down a short ladder from the dinghy. With a bit of help for those that need it, most of our guests have no trouble at all. The dinghy takes our guests between boat and shore.

Kwamwhang Old Teak Wood Sailboat - Phuket Sail Boat tours
Authentic Thai Big Boat


MAX PEOPLE: 20 People

This is our lovely big boat we use for the Secrets of Phang Nga Bay, James Bond Golden Sunset and Discover Krabi Islands big boat tours. Licensed for over 40 guests, we take a maximum of 20 adult guests on our join-in tours. We can take more than 20 guests for a private charter, and for groups bigger still we can provide a similar boat, but much bigger. There are two nice toilets aboard, a kitchen below, and plenty of room for our canoes and crew. It is necessary to climb a short ladder/stair to get to the top deck, but we have plenty of helpers for those guests who are a bit stiff in the knees.

The big boat is ideal for all ages. There is room for children to move around, you can bring a stroller aboard for little ones to have a sleep in. On most tours there is room for small children to lay down on the benches for a snooze if they want. Guests who want to take it easy can sit back and enjoy the view if they want, while other guests go exploring. The canoes are safe and very stable, with a paddle man for each canoe to do the work.

There is good protection from the weather on the big boat.

Phang Nga Bay Family Friendly Islanda Day Trips From Phuket - Phuket Boat Tours By Phuket Sail Tours
3 Engine Speedboat



Our island tour uses a mix of speedboats. Typically, we use a 3-engine speedboat licensed for 45 passengers for our trips to Phi Phi, and a slightly smaller 2-engine speedboat for our trips to Phang Nga Bay. We prefer the larger 3-engine boat for the trips to Phi Phi as it handles the conditions better for a larger group, but with a low number of guests we sometimes use the smaller 2-engine speedboat for our Phi Phi trips.

The boats have small toilets aboard, which are useful if one of our guests is caught short. We also have bathrooms at the restaurants when we go ashore for lunch.

We do not own our own speedboats, as we prefer to work with two local boat owners who have been our friends for many years. We know the boats well and we have the backup of the bigger companies to attend to mechanical and maintenance issues. The boats are ideal for our purposes, in good condition and well maintained. Leaving the rest of us at Phuket Sail Tours the time to concentrate on running really great tours, rather than worrying about boat maintenance. 

It works great for all of us, and it enables some of our Thai friends to be part of the Phuket Sail Tours family.

Interested in a private boat charter?

Looking for a private boat charter in Phuket? Drop us a message and let us know where you'd like to visit, when, and how many.