Phi Phi Island Day Trip Itinerary - For Your Next Private Charter

Phi Phi Island Day Trip Itinerary - For Your Next Private Boat Charter In Phuket

If paradise had a name, it would undoubtedly be Phi Phi Islands. lands. Located in the Andaman Sea and just 1 hour away via speedboat from Phuket, this must-visit island is a dreamy escape for any traveller visiting Thailand. White sandy beaches. Crystal-clear waters. Breathtaking views. Vibrant marine life. Delicious food. Tropical Island Weather. You get the picture, but now, imagine exploring Phi Phi at your own pace on a private boat charter from Phuket. In this guide, we’ve crafted the perfect Phi Phi Island day trip itinerary to ensure you make the most of your day trip to Phi Phi.

Phi Phi Island Day Trip Itinerary

If you’re planning a day trip to Phi Phi Island, I highly recommend starting your day bright and early to make the most of your time on this stunning island paradise. With this itinerary, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience exploring the beauty of Phi Phi Island in just one day!

6:10 am: Arrange for pick up from your resort.
7:30 am: Depart for Phi Phi Island.
Visit Maya Bay (subject to weather and tide conditions).
Explore Pileh Lagoon for jumping, swimming, and enjoying the view.
Experience snorkeling among colorful tropical fish.
View the Viking Cave, known for its bird’s nest collection.
Encounter monkeys at one of the island’s many beaches.
Enjoy lunch at some of the local favorite restaurants on Phi Phi Don.
Dive into a second snorkeling session because you can and it’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on.
Relax, swim, and snorkel at the white sandy beach of Bamboo Island.
Return to the pier at around 3:30 pm and head back to your resort.

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The Benefits of Private Boat Charters for Island Day Trips From Phuket

Customised Itinerary:

With a private boat charter, you have the flexibility to create a customised itinerary based on your preferences. You can choose the islands you want to visit, spend more time in places that interest you, and skip those that don’t.

Private charters offer a more intimate experience. You won’t have to share the boat with other tourists, providing a more comfortable and private setting for you and your group.

Freedom to Explore:

You can explore at your own pace. If you discover a secluded beach or a hidden cove that captures your interest, you can stay longer without being constrained by a group schedule.

Personalised Services:

Private charters often come with personalised services. You can have a dedicated crew, catering services, and even water activities like snorkeling or kayaking tailored to your preferences.

Avoid Crowds:

Popular tourist spots can get crowded. With a private charter, you can plan your visits to avoid peak hours and enjoy these locations in a more serene setting.

Photography Opportunities:

For photography enthusiasts, having a private boat allows you to capture stunning shots without the intrusion of other tourists.

Special Occasions:

If you’re celebrating a special occasion like a proposal, anniversary, or birthday, a private boat charter adds a touch of exclusivity and romance to the experience.

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Explore logn beach on phi phi island - phuket sail tours

We hope this guide has fueled your excitement for exploring the stunning Phi Phi Islands on a private boat charter. If you have any questions or need further assistance in planning your trip to Phuket, feel free to drop us a message in the bottom left corner or contact us. Safe travels and may your island adventure be nothing short of extraordinary!

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