Best Snorkeling In Phuket - Top 10 Snorkelling Destination

Best Snorkeling In Phuket – Top 10 Snorkelling Destination

Our Top 10 Snorkelling Destinations In Phuket, Thailand

Hey, let me introduce myself. My name is Captain Mark. It’s great to see you all back in Phuket, it’s been a while! There’s one thing that’s not changed while I’ve been sitting here twiddling my thumbs, and you’ve been itching to get out and travel again, and that’s just how amazing the Andaman sea is, the marine life here is just amazing and one of the best ways to see it is snorkelling. The sea here is so clear you’ll almost feel like you’re flying. While it’s been so quiet, everything’s had a bit of a chance to flourish, the seas around the island have never been more beautiful, it’s a great time to visit and it’s a great time to check out all the amazing marine life. 😉


There’s so much to see and I know all the best spots to visit, so let me take you on a virtual tour of where I think the best snorkelling in Phuket is. Here’s my ten favourite snorkelling spots around Phuket to help wet your appetite. There’s so much to see just under the surface.

1. Phi Phi Islands - A Small Archipelago of Six Islands Located 42km. From Krabi

You’ve probably heard of Phi Phi, it’s quite famous, but you might not know how close it is to Phuket, and you might not know it’s not just one island. It’s only 46 km away, under an hour by speedboat, and there are six islands. The largest island, Phi Phi Don, is where all the accommodation and restaurants are, Phi Phi Ley is where you’ll find Maya Bay, the one from the film, the Beach, have you seen it? The other four islands are small but help make up the Phi Phi Islands Marine Park.

Snorkeling Day Trips to Phi Phi Island From Phuket - Family Friendly Trips By Phuket Sail Tours

The sea here is protected from fishing and you’d be surprised how smart fish are, they stay here because they know they’re safe. There’s so much to see, if you’re lucky you might even see a shark! Don’t be scared, they’re just small black tip reef sharks, and they’re quite shy so try not to scare them. Being protected makes this place quite special, and it’s not just the marine life to enjoy, the scenery is spectacular, and it’s top of my list. Why not come and join me on a snorkeling day trip to Phi Phi? Find out more here for a day you’ll definitely not forget.

2. Koh Raya Island - A Small Idyllic Island 12km South Of Phuket

About half an hour due south of Phuket you’ll find the Racha Islands, two of them, Racha Yai (big) and Racha Noi (small), and they’re another great spot for snorkelling. There’s a couple of resorts on Racha Yai but there’s virtually nothing on Racha Noi. The water here is amazingly clear and if you’re lucky, you might bump into a turtle, don’t chase it though, and it’ll stick around for longer.

The shallow bay at Racha Yai is a fantastic snorkelling spot, it’s got bright white sand scattered with coral bommies, big lumps of coral that stick up from the sea floor. And some brilliant fish; parrot fish, surgeonfish, and of course our friend Nemo. If you’re very lucky and have good eyesight you might even see an octopus but they’re very good at hiding.

3. Koh Hong Islands - A Group Of Rocky Blips In The Andaman Sea

About 40 minutes west of Phuket towards Krabi is Koh Hong. This little island is something very special. Hong means ‘room’ and when we get there, you’ll get why, the entrance to the hidden lagoon has two towering karst cliffs which form a huge, natural doorway. The water inside is an incredible turquoise colour and it’s a wonderful spot for some canoening or swimming and, of course, take some incredible photographs.

Chicken and Turtle Island Near Krabi - Family Friendly Boat Trips From Phuket Sail Tours

Outside the lagoons, there are a couple of nice snorkeling spots, but the water clarity does vary a lot. This is one of my favourite spots as not so many people come here. I tell you what, why not come and see for yourself how amazing it is? Have a look here and join us on our uncrowded Krabi island boat tour for a relaxed day out, there’ll be plenty of room on the boat so you won’t feel packed in.

4. Coral Island - A Gateway Destination Around 3km.Southeast Of Phuket

Coral island is really close to Phuket, it takes no time at all to get there. The sheltered, shallow bay is a fantastic spot for snorkelling and you quite often get big schools of little sardines swimming about which are great fun to swim through.

There’s a couple of amazing beaches with soft, white sand but it’s not just the sea life that’s fabulous here, the island’s home to some hornbills, large birds with crazy big beaks, if you’re lucky they come and sit in the low branches and really aren’t shy, they do make one heck of a racket though! A great spot all year round which is fantastic.

5. Koh Maithon Island - A World-Renowed Snorkeling Spot

Maithon is kinda special around Phuket because this is where the dolphins hang out. You’re not guaranteed to see them but this is the best spot to look.

We could call this Love Islands because of all the honeymooners but everyone else is welcome too, the one resort on the island isn’t open all year so if you want to stay, check out the opening dates. It’s a prime example of a paradise island though, the water is an amazing colour and the beaches are clean and white. A brilliant place to do some snorkelling as the water is so clear.

6. Similian Island - An Archipelago of 11 Islands In The Andaman Sea

The Similan Islands are something special, people travel from all over the world to go diving here, you wouldn’t believe how incredible it is under the water. It’s not just for divers though, the snorkelling here is out of this world.

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Another protected marine park so those clever fish feel safe here too, and you’re quite likely to see a turtle or a shark. Don’t forget, no chasing! There’s 11 islands all together that make up the archipelago so there’s plenty of great spots to choose from. The islands are so pretty they look made up, like a film set, so be sure to bring your camera. Your friends won’t believe how amazing this place looks. A big favourite of mine.

7. Koh Ha Island- Nestled Between Koh Lanta National Park And Koh Phi Phi

They say the best things come to those who wait, Koh Haa is an hour and half’s boat ride out of Phuket but boy, is it worth the journey! Haa means five in Thai, and this little collection of five islands stick up out of the sea in the middle of nowhere and form a circle around a shallow area which makes for some incredible snorkelling.

The water is amazingly clear and there’s just so much to see, you really couldn’t have made a better spot for some incredible snorkelling even if you’d tried. Black tip sharks sometimes hang out here too, so you may see one if you’re lucky. Being so far away from the mainland means the water here is incredibly clear and clean.

8. Koh Khai Island - A Small Island Nestled in Phang Na Bay

Snorkeling Day Trips From Phuket - Family Friendly Boat Tours By Phuket Sail Tours

Well, if you look tropical island up in the dictionary, you might get a picture of Koh Khai. And it’s a lovely place for snorkelling. The shallow, clear water and white sand are a fabulous place to spot some fish, they’re quite friendly but you mustn’t feed them, and it’s only fifteen minutes away from the east coast of Phuket by speedboat. The island even has some wooden stilt buildings where you can chill out or get a drink.

9. Koh Bon Island - A Small Granite Rocky Island Just 2km From Rawai Beach

Koh Bon is a well kept secret. Because it’s so close to Phuket, people tend to overlook it so it’s usually pretty quiet, also there used to be a resort here but it’s now closed. It’s just off Rawai, you can see it from the beach. The snorkelling isn’t as amazing as Coral Island but it’s still pretty good, so if you like peace and quiet, this is a great spot for you.

10. Rang Yai Island - A Private Island Filled With Natural Spendor

Ever wanted your own private island? Well, you can borrow this one for the day. 20 minutes out from the east coast of Phuket by speedboat gets you to Rang Yai Island and if you get there early you might well get the place to yourself, although you’ll be joined at lunchtime by folks wanting to eat at the restaurant. Clear water and soft, white sand make for good snorkelling.

Well, there you go. My favourite spots for snorkelling around Phuket. Now, you may have been put off taking a trip as you’ve seen all the packed boats and thought, ‘thats’ not for me!’ Well, I thought the same, all those years ago when I moved here and that’s why I bought my first boat to take people out on boat trips, so I can take you on the kind of boat trips that I wanted to go on. You don’t have to be packed in like sardines to see some fish! I keep the numbers on my boats down so you’ll have plenty of space, and me and my crew know where to go and when to avoid the crowds too. Being an old sea dog has its advantages. I look forward to welcoming you aboard. And feel free to get in touch with us through FACEBOOK or drop me an EMAIL anytime.

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