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Which Are The Best Beach In Phuket For Families To Stay?

Phuket is a fantastic destination for a family vacation in Asia and there are plenty of stunning beaches around the island. A lot of things have changed after the global pandemic, however, Phuket is still the same, maybe even better with gorgeous beaches, breathtaking views, and delicious Thai food. So if you are thinking of traveling to Phuket with your family, and trying to decide on which beach in Phuket is best for families to stay at, then you are in for a treat! We have collected a list of the best beaches in Phuket that we recommend for your next family vacation in Thailand.


Top 7 Places To Stay In Phuket For Family Vacation

So without further delay let’s get right into answering your question “Which are the places in Phuket for families to stay at? Before you get started, kindly note that the list below is not in any particular order. And once you have found the beach for you, and want to find a family-friendly hotel in that area then you might want to check out this blog “Best Hotels In Phuket For Families”.

Kata Beach - Phuket - One Of the Best beach in Phuket for families to stay at - phuket sail tours

1. Kata Beach - Surfing Capital Of Phuket

Kata is quite possibly the friendliest beach in Phuket, not just child-friendly, family-friendly, and dog-friendly but out-and-out friendly! Kata is a beautifully sweeping curve of a beach. It offers great swimming, snorkeling, and diving with a beautiful natural reef and artificial reef stack cubes at the north end, sheltered by the little island of Koh Pu, while the south end offers surfing, body boarding and paddle boarding, there are several surf schools dotted up the beach for lessons or you can just rent a board. Quieter than its partying cousin of Patong further up the island, Kata has more of a laid-back vibe although there is still a good selection of restaurants, bars and cafes.

Kata beach can be found on the southwest corner of Phuket and is overlooked by Big Buddha, there is a trail for the more adventurous although it’s quite steep and not for the faint-hearted. Also close by are Phromthep Cape and Karon viewpoints, both great spots to watch an epic sunset.

The piers at Chalong and Rawai both offer island trips either by speed boat or long-tail; if you book a tour there’s usually a pick-up service included to take you to the pier. It’s a popular spot and so prices can be a little higher than neighboring areas, however, more affordable options are available if you hunt about a bit. The only danger with Kata beach is that once you’ve got here, you won’t want to explore the rest of the island.

Karon Beach - Phuket - One Of the Best beach in Phuket for families to stay at - phuket sail tours

2. Karon Beach

- One Of The Longest Beaches In Phuket

Karon is the next beach up from Kata, heading north on the west side of Phuket. It’s one of the longest beaches on the island and because of this it seems a lot quieter than Kata, as people are more spread out; it can also be a bit cheaper. There’s a good variety of accommodations from cheap and cheerful all the way up to luxury villas. There’s a good selection of activities available, the south end of the beach is best for snorkeling and diving with a pretty decent reef to check out, you’ll find parasailing and surfing here too. There are also volleyball pitches where you can join in or just watch.

There’s a good selection of restaurants and shops along the front but mainly you’ll be here for the amazing panoramic view of sweeping golden sand on rolling turquoise waves. If you take a walk towards the north end, you’ll find Karon Park and lake, a nice spot to chill out if you’re bored of the beautiful beach! With the louder, brasher beach of Patong just to the north, it’s a good location for checking out other spots on the island.

Kamala Beach - Phuket - One Of the 6 Best beach in Phuket for families to stay at - phuket sail tours

3. Kamala Beach

- A Tranquil Beach On The West Coast Of Phuket

Kamala is about the same length as Kata but it feels like a secluded little gem. While there’s no such thing as ‘authentic Thai’ in Phuket these days due to it being one of the first tourist hotspots, Kamala is as close as you’ll find anywhere on the island. The pace of life is slower here and it generally attracts an older crowd however, for families who want some peace and quiet, it’s perfect.

There’s a good selection of accommodation which tends to be more affordable than further south, and some lovely restaurants on the beach but if you fancy a bit of nightlife, at the north end you’ll find Cafe del Mar for some chilled beachside beats.

Surrounded by hills, Kamala has a definite feel of getting away from it all, strangers you meet will nod and smile as if to say, well done, you found it too!

Nai Yang Beach Family Friendly Places To Stay In Phuket - Phuket Sail Tours Thailand

4. Nai Yang Beach & Mai Khao Beach

- A Casuarina Lined Beaches In The North Of Phuket

Mai Khao beach is the first one you get to when you reach Phuket by road or by air with the Sarasin Bridge to the north end and the airport runway almost touching the beach to the south end. It’s Phuket’s longest beach with over eight miles of golden sands, and it’s home to some great family-friendly resorts. The only drawback here is that you’re a bit out of the way from everything else, the resorts have a lot to offer but if you rent a car, you get to explore the island a bit further. If you’re into plane spotting, or just for the fun of it, you can head down to the beach adjacent to the airport and watch them take off or land right overhead, quite a thrill!

Nai Yang beach joins Mai Khao at its southern end. The tree-lined beach is delightful with a selection of affordable accommodations, cafes, and restaurants. At the north end of the beach, a small headland leads out to a very pretty reef for snorkeling and is home to the Sirinat National Park. There is an entrance fee for the park for parking but it’s a lovely spot for chilling under the trees and very popular with the locals.

5. Surin Beach

- An Excellent Spot For Sunbathing On White Sand
Surin Beach - One of the most family friendly locations to stay in phuket thailand - phuket sail tours

If you’re looking for high-end accommodation then Surin beach is the place for you. It’s by far the trendiest, most expensive beach on the island. The beach itself is not that long but it packs a punch when it comes to luxury and sparkle. There are not many activities other than chilling, shopping, and eating but you can guarantee great service and privacy here.

6. Bangtao Beach

- A Perfect Beach For A Relaxing Day

Just up the coast, a little is Bangtao beach and, although not quite as exclusive as Surin, it still boasts some pretty swanky resorts. There’s much more to do around here, away from the beach a little are Blue Tree Water Park, Phuket Nature Elephant Park, and Laguna Golf Phuket. Most of the resorts here have lakeside villas on offer and there’s a good selection of places to eat. If your budget allows it, Bangtao beach is a great location for a family holiday.

Bangtao Beach - Family friendly beaches in phuket - phuket sail tours thailand

7. Patong Beach

- A Strip Of Golden Sand And Busy Crowd

Patong is probably the first place you think of when you think of Phuket, it was one of the first areas to be developed for tourism. The beach itself is lovely, wide and long in a sheltered bay. Patong’s reputation for being a party beach is well earned and there are many nightclubs and bars as well as Bangla road which is notoriously famous for its late night antics. Slightly away from the centre of it all though, you can find some decently priced accommodation and due to its popularity, there are a great number of activities on offer. It might be a little bit too busy for some, but if you like a lively place to be then this is it.

Patong Beach is dubbed the most popular destination among tourists in Phuket. The beautiful beach attracts foreign visitors, and the several activity offerings would lead families to the area. However, this place is littered with nightclubs. It may not be exactly family-friendly when it comes to nighttime, but the lively beach and music can be fun, too. Plus, there are other nearby areas for you and your family to visit at night.

Patong Beach - best place to stay in phuket for families - phuket sail tours

Phuket is an exciting place to visit for a lot of families around the world

When it comes to beaches in Phuket, you’ll discover a diverse range of shorelines, each offering its own unique and unforgettable experience. Nevertheless, if you and your family want to have a memorable holiday experience, you need to know in advance which places to visit in Phuket. Once again, it all depends on your personal preference and family budget. If you have any questions or need any recommendations please feel free to drop us a message on Facebook, or Whatsapp. In any case, we are confident that you and your family will enjoy your time in Phuket, no matter which area you decide to stay in.

Let the holidays begin!

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