October 2022 - Phuket Sail Tours


October 2022
Phuket has some of the best diving sites in thailand
On Thailand's southwest coast, the province of Phuket is one of Southeast Asia's most popular tourist destinations, offering a huge variety of dive options throughout its 33 islands. The main island of Phuket hosts over nine million visitors every year, with bustling tourist resorts, busy beaches, and a very lively nightlife. Phuket is also the...
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Best Things to do in Phuket For Families With Kids Under 5 - phuket sail tours
Traveling with your family can be a wonderful experience, building memories that will last a lifetime but doing so with children under five comes with its own set of issues and they’re very different to those experienced when traveling with older children, if your children are older be sure to check out our other blog...
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