Explore Phang Nga Bay by Speedboat

Our Phang Nga Bay by Speedboat tour is very special – we are one of the very few companies in Phuket that include a trip to the gorgeous islands of Krabi Province (white sand beaches and tropical fish, snorkeling), canoeing, James Bond Island (we don't go ashore), a range of other attractions and the 'iconic' tour destinations such as Koh Panyi - the Muslim fishing village on stilts in a trip to Phang Nga Bay.

Please note we have made some improvements to this tour. We have changed the canoeing to a beautiful quiet mangrove forest, even further away from the hordes of other tourists. As a result we now seldom canoe at Hong Island in Phang Nga Province, there are just too many people there.

This tour begins with a 6.45 am (approx.) pick up, arrival at the pier around 7.45 am from there we embark on the speedboat and head north into the bay. The program varies depending upon the tides and other conditions, but a typical day sees us head first to Phanak Island, where we enter a long cave, emerging into daylight at the hidden lagoon at the other end. This is the Mangrove Hong. Here we see mangrove trees, mud skippers (walking fish), fiddler crabs, and sometimes monkeys. Amazing rock formations!

Next stop is our special canoeing stop, where we meet our paddle men who take you on a 30 minute canoe trip through the stunningly beautiful and serene mangrove forest. See the beautiful forest, see traditional fishing techniques and admire the birdlife. On some days we canoe through the caves and lagoons at Hong Island, Phang Nga.

Later, we pass by James Bond Island, famed for the movie 'Man With The Golden Gun'. Here we pause to take photos but we do not go ashore. We have had an overwhelming response from our past guests that the stop at James Bond Island has been the low part of an otherwise great day. Far too many souvenir stalls, speedboats, and tourists. Instead of going ashore here, we use the time to take you to better places.

Lunch is at the fascinating Kho Panyi Village, a fishing village of over 1,800 people built entirely over the water on stilts. Lunch consists of Massuman curry, Tom Kha Guy (chicken and coconut soup), stir fried vegetables in oyster sauce, curried crab, battered prawns, battered chicken, chicken and cashew nuts, french fries (for the kids), and of course steamed rice. We can cater for special needs and vegetarian diets. Later, we take you on a guided tour past the souvenir shopping to the real heart of the village. See the famous floating football field and hear the history of this incredible island. Please look at the video (link below) before you make this trip.

After lunch we go past the ancient cave paintings on Kao Kee-un (Drawing Mountain). Incredible 1,500 year old paintings of fish, dolphins, dancing lady, merman, monkeys, mythical spirit guardians and more.

Heading south, we come to the northern tip of Kho Yao Noi. Just around the corner is a small settlement of Sea Gypsy people, who still live a semi nomadic lifestyle. Perched under the rock overhangs are the bamboo platforms where they sleep, eat and continue much of their traditional way of life. Some days they are at home under the rocks, some days they are at home on the sea.

Our last stop for the day is at a white sand beach in Krabi. Here we can laze on the beach, see tropical fish, do a bit of snorkeling if you wish and just enjoy the beautiful location. Please note the snorkeling is fun, but not as good as the snorkeling at Phi Phi as the water is not as clear.

On the way home we pass by a bird's nest cave. Here, the guardian of the nests lives, 24 hours a day. The nests are a highly valuable commodity. Made by saliva, the nests are collected and used for medicinal purposes, often in bird’s nest soup. Now you know where it comes from.

We return to the pier at around 4.30 pm. We aim to have you back at your hotel before 6 pm. 

Please note: the program on the day of your tour will also depend upon the weather, tide, and what other tour boats are doing. The description herein is the tour we most often provide our guests, but there may be variations on the day.

Includes: Transfers, National Park fees, light breakfast, lunch, water, soft drinks, snacks, and insurance.

Excludes: Alcoholic beverages, beer is available at 50 Baht a can. There may be an additional charge for guests staying outside of major areas, further details on the booking page.

Here is a video of a typical Explore Phang Nga Bay by Speedboat Tour here, please note there may be some changes on the day:

If you want to get the most of your visit to to Kho Panyi, the village on stilts, please have a look at the movie (link below) and the Wikipedia page for Kho Panyi (link also below). You will appreciate the village much more once you have had a look at these. And the video is a completely true story!

Koh Panyi Village Video

Koh Panyi Village information on Wikipedia

Pricing effective July 1, 2017

Adult: 4,100 Baht.

Child: 2,000 Baht.
4-12 years old.

Infant: Free
3 years and younger.

Highlights of this tour:

Visit a island in Krabi.
Koh Panyi Village.
Lunch at Koh Panyi.
View James Bond Island.
And more.

Who would love this tour? People who want to see and do everything all in one day. With such a variety of different activities and locations it is easy to keep the whole family happy.

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