Frequently Asked Questions

Are the trips suitable for pregnant ladies?

We do not recommend any speed boat trip for pregnant ladies due to health risks to the mum and the baby. Speedboat trips to Phi Phi are the most likely to encounter rough seas, particularly May to October.

Speedboat trips to the bay are in more sheltered waters. We still do not recommend the speed boat, but it is safer than the Phi Phi trip.

Trips aboard the sail boat, The Big Boat we use for the Secrets tour, and the long tail boats are fine for pregnant people. There may however be a bit of ladder climbing, so please be prepared for this.

If you do choose a speed boat trip, please sit at the very back of the boat where the ride is smoothest. If in doubt, please ask your doctor.

Which trip is the best for children?

All of our trips are suitable for children and we have had many happy reviews from families saying what a fantastic day out it is. All of our boats have plenty of shaded area, and we have various food options. We have life jackets for children and infants.

However, there are special considerations for each tour:

If you are considering the Phi Phi Snorkel and Sightsee tour by speedboat we advise that if parents have good fitting goggles for their children they should bring them with them. While we have an assortment of children’s goggles at the office, for small children their own set is usually the best fit.

We also recommend that parents bring long sleeve t-shirts or rash shirt or sun shirts for children to swim in. This can help protect children’s delicate skin from sun burn while snorkeling as well as any jellyfish or other stingers in the water (very rare but it pays to be cautious in all tropical waters.)

We do not recommend the Phi Phi trip for small children between the months of May to October (the south west monsoon season). We generally do not recommend the Phi Phi speedboat trip for children under the age of 4 years. For some of the time during the day we go snorkeling off the back of the speedboat - as such there is no beach and the boat will be on an anchor/mooring line. If your child does not want to go on the water it will mean sitting on the boat for up to 45 minutes while others are in the water. Many kids love this experience, and feed the fish off the boat and go for quick swims, but please consider this when deciding which trip is the most suitable for your family.

The Secrets of Phang Nga Bay by Big Boat Tour is very good for small children. Lots of shade, plenty of room to move around and enough room on the benches to lay down for a sleep. This tour is also in sheltered waters and the boat provides a very smooth ride.

The Kho Phanak Sail Cave & Hong tour is also suitable for very small children, as the deck has a shaded area. Sail boats are also provide a gentle way of traveling around the islands.

The Explore Phang Nga Bay speed boat trip is in sheltered waters, and there are not usually any stops for swimming from the boat. So, this is usually suitable for small children. It depends a lot upon the child.

Please note - we do not provide car seats or booster seats for the minivan ride. If you are concerned about your child's safety driving around in vans in Phuket, there is an agency who can arrange this equipment for you. You can also order online when you are here and they will deliver.

Can we use a sailboat to go to Phi Phi Island?

No. Phi Phi Island is too far to sail there and back in one day. For one day tours, we go to Phi Phi Island by speedboat only.

What do I need to bring with me?

On the day, please come as if prepared for a day at the beach. Hats, towels, bathers, sunscreen, insect repellent and etc. Don’t forget your camera!

For snorkeling a rash vest or long sleeve t-shirt is also good to have.

If you are planning on entering the caves and hongs on any of our trips to Phang Nga Bay it is better to wear strap on sandals or similar. These are going to get wet, and possibly muddy, but good grip is important in the caves. Thongs/flip flops/jandals really aren’t up to the job.

If you are planning on visiting the Koh Panyi Muslim village on stilts a minimum  of t-shirt and shorts is also considered polite.

How many people do you take?

The sailboat join-in tours have a maximum of 10 adult passengers aboard, often less. The speedboat tours may on occasion have up to 20 guests aboard, although most of the time there are many less than that.

Our speedboats are licensed to take 25 people and upwards. We do not overcrowd our boats, so that you get the most out of your day.

Is sea-sickness a problem?

We have seasickness tablets at the office and onboard the boats for those that need them, and we also stop regularly during the day. Sea sickness is very rare on our trips because we cruise carefully, and reschedule if we think the weather is unsuitable.

The waters in the bay are more sheltered than around Phi Phi. So if you are worried about sea sickness, particularly in the period May to October, a trip of the bay may be a better option than a trip to Phi Phi.

Is the price of the equipment included in the trip?

Yes. We provide lifejackets on all our tours, including infant and children sizes. For snorkeling tours we provide goggles and a snorkel. We also have fins available at our office, prior to the tour.

Unless you are advised otherwise beforehand, there are no hidden extras on any of our trips.

Can non-swimmers come too?

Yes. We get non-swimmers on our boats all the time. We provide a life jacket and give you a quick snorkeling lesson and you will be off in no time! One of the main reasons we keep our group sizes small is so we can give our guests one-on-one time and make sure you feel confident and happy to explore the great islands and waters that Phuket has to offer.

On our Explore Phang Nga Bay tours, Secrets of Phang Nga Bay by Big Boat Tour and Kho Phanak Sail Cave & Hong tour non-swimmers can enjoy the beautiful scenery, hong, lagoons and caves without entering the water if they so choose. 

Do you cater for special diets?

Yes. We cater for vegetarians or people with food allergies all the time. Please just let us know when you make a booking.

What happens if the weather is bad?

We watch the forecast every day, and if the weather is unsuitable we will cancel or reschedule. If we cancel, or if a rescheduled trip is unsuitable for you, there is no cost to you. I must stress that the decision to cancel or otherwise is the Captain's to make. If you make a booking we expect you to honour that commitment, and we will cancel if we think the weather is very unsuitable.

Do you run tours in the South West Monsoon season (May-October)?

Yes. In the monsoon season the weather can be very lovely and it is a popular time for people to come and visit Phuket. If it does rain, it tends to only rain for short periods and people continue with their days without much fuss. We sail all year round.

If you look at a map you will see that Phang Nga bay is on the East coast and is sheltered by land all around it. Even when there are big waves and wind on the west coast (where the most popular resort areas and the beaches of Patong, Kata etc are) the Bay is very calm.  This is why we run more Phang Nga bay trips in the south west monsoon season.

Trips to Phi Phi can be canceled often during the wet season, because the trip to Phi Phi is much further out to sea, whereas trips in Phang Nga Bay go ahead because it is very sheltered and protected.

We also recommend booking a tour as early as possible in your holiday. Then, if we do have to reschedule because of weather we have more dates to choose from.

Does Phuket Sail Tours have insurance?

Yes. Phuket Sail Tours has passenger insurance for our guests.


Often our guests ask about tipping the staff. This is a decision we leave entirely to you. If you feel that our staff have worked hard to make your day a special one, and you want to show your appreciation, then tipping is a tangible way of showing your appreciation. Tam jai (up to you).

I wear glasses, can I still see the fish while snorkeling?

It is not possible to use normal glasses under our goggles.

Please note that on snorkeling tours we supply fins, masks and snorkels, but sadly we can no longer provide prescription masks. We have done our best to provide this service in the past, but unfortunately the masks, which are very expensive, keep disappearing with our guests. We suggest that people with a need for assistance with vision please consider some disposable contact lenses, which are readily available in Phuket.

How do I pay?

We take deposit via PayPal in advance for private charters, NOT for join in tours. Guests also have the option of paying in full by credit card using PayPal. We DO NOT accept credit cards on the day of the tour, it must be cash only for the balance please.

If you have a problem with pay pal please let us know. We can send you a payment request, and you can pay by credit card, no need for you to have a pay pal account.

If you are in Australia or Thailand you can make the deposit via bank transfer to one of our accounts. Bank information is in the email we send you. Please do not make an international transfer to our bank accounts, the fees are expensive and we are sure you won’t be happy when you have to pay them.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Phuket Sail Tours has a 5 day cancellation policy. If you cancel your reservation outside 5 days prior to your tour date, your payment deposit will be refunded to you. Generally, no refunds will be given with less than 5 days notice. If you cancel because of illness we can issue you with a receipt which allows you to claim back the money you paid from your own travel insurance provider.

If you have to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances we may be able to shift your deposit to another date. No promises, but we will try. Please note, changing your mind does not usually count as an unforeseen circumstance

If we cancel your tour due to weather or other unforeseeable circumstances, we will reschedule your tour for another available time, or give you a full refund... your choice. If we need to cancel we will try and contact you by sms, email, and leaving messages at your hotel. Please check for messages from us regularly, particularly in the 24 hours before your tour.

I must stress that the decision to cancel a tour or otherwise is ours to make.

When we refund via pay pal the refund is instant and you will receive an email from PayPal as soon as we process it. However, there may be a delay of several working days for your own bank to credit your bank account or credit card. Any delay in this regard is an issue with your bank provider, not Phuket Sail Tours. Phuket Sail Tours will not be liable for any currency fluctuations - the amount refunded to your credit card may differ from the price you paid if there is a devaluation in a currency. We accept and refund in Thai Baht only.

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